Link Audit Service

Protect your website from the damaging effects of low-quality backlinks and negative SEO, with the help of Clicks Creative.

Find out how a periodic link audit could boost your SEO performance and safeguard your site from a variety of threats.

Backlink Basics: Quality Counts

We live in an era where low-quality backlinks are far more dangerous than no links at all. Unfortunately, it can be far too easy to deal with your SEO performance, a hammer-blow with links of substandard quality.

All major search engines are continuously moving the goalposts, making it difficult for online businesses to get by. Links of quality and value one day are routinely considered to spam the next, affecting your website’s SEO score and SERP rankings.

The problem is that, more often than not, all of this happens silently in the background. Precisely where our link audit services can help.

Proactive Protection and Prevention

At Clicks Creative, we work hard to safeguard our clients’ websites and businesses from a variety of threats. Manual penalties, negative SEO, poor performance in the SERP rankings - just a few of the consequences of turning a blind eye to backlink quality.

Our comprehensive link audits make it quick, easy and affordable to identify inconsistencies and eliminate them at the earliest possible stage. Rather than waiting for issues to occur, we prefer to take a more proactive approach for the benefit of our clients.

If it’s been a while since your last link inspection or you’re yet to carry out your first audit, we strongly advise getting in touch to discuss the available options.

Bespoke Services to Suit all Budgets

By tailoring the services we provide to suit our clients’ exact requirements, we’re able to accommodate all budgets across the board. What’s more, we’re proud to adopt a pressure-free, obligation-free approach from start to finish.

Whether ready to go ahead or merely consider the options available, we’d be glad to hear from you. Contact the Clicks Creative team member at any time to discuss your needs in more detail.

Link Audit Service
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