Website Audit Report

When was the last time you thoroughly audited every aspect of your website and its performance? Last year? Several years ago? Never?

If you’re serious about remaining relevant for the long-term, periodic website audits should be considered mandatory. Call Clicks Creative anytime to discuss the benefits of website audits in more detail.

Why You Need to Audit your Website

Even the most impressive websites gradually stagnate if left to their own devices. What gets the job done one year simply isn’t up to scratch the next. Irrespective of whether you designed your website in-house or hired the best in the business, it is destined to lose its luster sooner or later.

This is where the value and importance of periodic website auditing lies. Far from a simple inspection of the fundamentals, a website audit takes a detailed look at the very fabric of your website. Architecture, user interface, SEO, general performance - all influencing how it is perceived by your target audience.

Our Website Audit Process

At Clicks Creative, we understand that every website is unique. As is the business behind it, which is why we pride ourselves and our flexible and accommodating approach to website auditing.

The framework of our website audit process looks a little like this:

  • Goal Setting. We’ll start out by discussing not only your website’s performance but also your goals and priorities for its future.
  • UX Audit. This is where the quality or otherwise of the user experience is assessed, identifying its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Technical & SEO. Clicks Creative will take a deeper look at your site’s technical performance to determine what can be improved.
  • Reporting and Recommendations. A detailed yet digestible report of our findings and recommendations will be provided

Importantly, Clicks Creative guarantees an obligation-free and pressure-free approach to the services we provide. We’ll provide the actionable insights - you decide whether you’d like to proceed to the next stage.

For more information or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the team at Clicks Creative anytime.

Website Audit Report
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